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Texas Yodel
(Donn Reynolds - 1950 Vanguard Songs)

Gee I love to yodel,
Yodel all day long,
Whenever I get feelin' blue
I up and sing my song.

The words are not so fancy
And mighty free they be,
So if you come from Texas
Just Yodel after me.

(Chorus - Yodel)

One day when I was walkin'
Beneath a sky of blue,
I met a brown-eyed Texas gal
Who said her name was Sue.

She smiled at me so nicely
That bells began to ring,
And as we walked off arm in arm
My heart began to sing.

(Chorus - Yodel)

We decided to get married
And tie that knot in June,
Then travel off to San Antone
Upon our honeymoon.

'Twas just a week last Sunday
The ring went on her hand,
You could hear me yell from Dallas
clean down to the Rio Grande

(Chorus - Yodel)


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