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She Taught Me How To Yodel
(Paul Roberts - 1946)

I went across to Switzerland
Where all the Yodelers be
To try to learn to yodel
with my yodel-ay-hee-dee

I climbed a big high mountain
On a clear and sunny day
I met a yodelin gal up there
In a little swiss chalet

She taught me to yodel (yodel)
She taught me to yodel (yodel)

Well now I'm going to teach you
How to yodel just like me
It's easy when you're singing
To go ho-de-lay-dee-hee

First you take a deep breath,
Then exhale one, two, three
Then you'll hear a yodel
If you listen close to me

This is how to yodel (yodel)
This is how to yodel (yodel)


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