Donn continues his tour throughout the U.K.  including performances on "Our Friends the Stars" by invite from The Songwriters Guild of Great Britain, and several charitable performances at London's Victoria Palace and East Dulwich Odeon in aid of societies for mentally handicapped children.  He also stars at the Paul Wingrave Variety Merry-Go-Round in Redruth, England.

While touring England, Donn meets Audrey Williams, a slim red-haired singer and dancer of the British performing trio, The Three Skylarks. On September 17, 1960, Donn and Audrey are married in Poulton, England.  Audrey changes her name to Cindy Reynolds in response to media confusion with another famous Audrey Williams (wife of Hank Williams Sr.).

The newlyweds depart for their honeymoon in Madrid, Spain where Donn guest stars on the AFRS Hoedown.  Other appearances while in Madrid included the NCO and Airmen's club where Donn  gave many repeat performances by popular demand.


What was to have been a two-week working honeymoon tour of Spain actually lasts six months as Spanish audiences thrill to their performances and demand they stay in the country longer.  The couple appear together for the first time as a duet in El Circo De Madrid, the most beautiful circus in Europe.

Donn performs a circuit of nightclubs in Palma de Mallorca after which the couple return to England for scheduled appearances at The Barn Grand Hall in Birmingham.


Donn & Cindy travel to Canada for performances in Churchill, Manitoba.

Donn accepts an invitation to regularly star on the nationally televised Cross Country Barn Dance on CJAY-TV, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Wild One album is released by London Records.  "The Wild One" and "No One Will Ever Know" immediately rise up the Canadian singles charts.

Donn & Cindy stop for performances in Regina, Saskatchewan then travel to the U.S. for an engagement at the Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.


Donn & Cindy release their first single on the London Records label.  "Wreck of the John B" and "Mountain Laurel" are released May 21, 1963.

Donn & Cindy travel to Ontario to perform at the Club Kingsway Jamboree, Ascot 27 Hotel in Toronto, Hotel Kenricia in Kenora, and Bill Bessey radio and TV programs.  They purchase a home in Brampton, Ontario.


On January 12, 1964, Cindy gives birth to the couple's first child, Gary Lauten Reynolds.


The singles "Afraid" and "She Taught Me How To Yodel" reach #1 and #2 respectively on the Canadian country music charts for March and April.

Donn & Cindy perform at the Ascot 27 Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, and The Villa in Cooksville, Ontario.

They sail to England on the Corinthia for a two month engagement  in the seaside resort of Blackpool (Cindy's hometown).  Starring in a 250 performer Canadian touring company, they perform in a western rodeo exhibition opened by Queen Elizabeth. The first rodeo to play anywhere in England since the Buffalo Bill Cody show several decades before.  They also perform throughout Blackpool, Sheffield, and Bradford England.

Duet Performances:
- Twin Peacocks Hotel (Brampton, Ontario)
- Steele's Restaurant (Toronto, Ontario)
- King George Hotel (Peterborough, Ontario)
- Atlanta Club (St. Catherines, Ontario)
- Colborne Hotel (Sarnia, Ontario)


Concluding their stay in England with two-year-old Gary for Christmas, Donn & Cindy return to Canada commencing an exhaustive tour of Ontario.

Duet Performances:
- Lions Club (Kapuskasing, Ontario)
- Commercial Hotel (Kapuskasing, Ontario)
- Franklin Hotel (Kirkland Lake, Ontario)
- Western Roundup (CKNX-TV, Ontario)
- Maple Leaf Hotel (Timmins, Ontario)
- Lakeshore Terrace (Kingsville, Ontario)
- Hotel Queensway (St. Catherines, Ontario)
- Hanover Inn (Hanover, Ontario)
- Duffy's Tavern (Amherstburg, Ontario)
- Blue Swan Inn (Fort William, Ontario)
- Imperial Holiday Inn (Port Arthur, Ontario)


Donn and Cindy are invited by the Mayor of Toronto to perform at Toronto's Dominion Day festival.  Donn also guest appears on the Country Music Hall television show in Toronto, Ontario.

Duet Performances:
- Sebringvilla Hotel (Stratford, Ontario)
- Coronet Hotel (Kitchener, Ontario)
- Sorento Hotel (Sudbury, Ontario)
- Brown Derby (Toronto, Ontario)
- Black Knight Lounge (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
- Valley Hotel (Renfrew, Ontario)


Donn guest appears on CFTO-TV's "Perry's Probe" television show.

Duet Performances:
- Royal York Hotel (Toronto, Ontario)
- Victoria Hotel (Toronto, Ontario)
- Hotel La Salle (Kingston, Ontario)
- Hotel Newport (Port Credit, Ontario)
- Hotel Genosha (Oshawa, Ontario)
- Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto, Ontario)


Donn & Cindy travel to Bermuda for several nightclub performances including the Princess Hotel, Belmont Hotel, golf & country clubs, U.S. naval air bases, and appearances on ZBM television.

Duet Performances:
- Hotel Genosha (Oshawa, Ontario)
- Lakeshore Terrace (Kingsville, Ontario)
- Legion Hall (Brampton, Ontario)
- The Norseman (Cooksville, Ontario)

Donn performs on  top rated television shows, Tommy Hunter's Country Hoedown, and Carl Smith's Country Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario.

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The Three Skylarks

The Three Skylarks

Audrey Williams

Donn Weds Audrey

El Circo De Madrid

El Circo De Madrid

El Circo De Madrid

Cross-Canada Barn Dance

Cross-Canada Barn Dance

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Mayor of Toronto

Baby Gary


Toronto - Promo

Horseshoe Tavern

Oshawa Home Show

Bermuda Promo

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