On November 1, 1950, Donn is crowned "World Champion Yodeler" after winning the "World Open Yodelers Contest" at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  The award is presented to Donn by Wilf Carter.

After his triumph, Donn heads south to the United States, where he develops a career as both performer and broadcaster.

Donn accepts a disc-jockey spot with radio station KOPO in Tucson, Arizona.  He tours throughout California including appearances at the Hollywood Theatre, KFI-TV Spotlight on Talent and charitable performances for the Knights of Columbus.  He also performs on the WLS National Barn Dance in Chicago, Illinois.


Donn joins the WWVA Artist Bureau out of Wheeling, West Virginia and tours across the southern U.S. including performances :

- WWVA Jamboree (West Virginia)
- Valley Country Club (New Mexico)
- Louisiana Hayride (KWKH Louisiana)
- KRLD Big "D" Jamboree (Texas)


Donn travels to Phoenix, Arizona accepting a disc-jockey position with radio station KOOL and continues touring the southern U.S. including performances :

- Hoof Beat Serenade (KXLA California)
- Malibu Lodge (KXLA California)
- Oasis Night Club (Baltimore, Maryland)

He also earns a small acting role in the MGM  movie "Arena" starring Gig Young and Jean Hagen., the first 3-D western movie ever produced.


Donn tours Arizona under contract to Mondoray Theatrical Agency and forms a band appearing on a regular televised morning spot with WGAL-TV as the TV Rangers.

Donn plays charitable performances for the Pennsylvania Association For The Blind and the Coatesville Veterans Administration. He also guest appears for the WGCB fourth anniversary radio broadcast.

Donn returns to Canada for performances at the Sirocco Cabaret in Victoria, British Columbia.  He also plays charitable performances for the Children's Hospital in Vancouver.


Donn performs over CJOB radio in Winnipeg, Manitoba and travels back to the United States to accept a disc-jockey position with WCUM-FM in Cumberland, Maryland.  He becomes one of the first U.S. disc-jockeys to introduce the newcomer Elvis Presley and frequently corresponds with Elvis' manager, Bob Neal.

Donn makes several appearances on the Mac Wiseman show in Baltimore.  He also makes an appearance on Herb Shriner's "Two for the Money" television show.


In August, Donn wins the United States Yodeling Championship.

In October, Donn sets sail for England where he releases "Afraid" and "Lorelei" on The Gramophone Company Ltd. (London, England) label.  He performs Saturday nights with Gerry Wilmont over Radio Luxembourg and guest appears on many BBC television programs including "Bid for Fame", "In Town Tonight" and "Fancy Free".

Donn signs with EMI (Australia) Pty. Ltd. to release versions of "Blue Mountain Waltz" and "Texas Yodel".

Donn also releases unknown material for the Festival Records Pty. Ltd. label in Australia.


Donn returns to the U.S. in February, 1957 and signs with EMI Records Ltd. to release Rose Of Ol' Pawnee, All Alone, Bella Belinda, and Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, on the MGM label.  All songs receive excellent reviews from Cash Box November 23, 1957.

In October, 1958 Donn travels back to England for television appearances including "BBC TV Tonight", "6.5 Special", and radio spots including the Carroll Levis show on BBC radio.

Donn is touring throughout Europe when he accepts the lead role as Davy Crockett in the Dublin, Ireland theatrical "Adventures of Davy Crockett".  Reviews of Donn's performance include "worth seeing twice just to hear Donn Reynolds demonstrate his famous five-tone yodel" and "no child can fail to be charmed by Donn Reynolds as Davy Crockett".

The single "Hasta Luego" hits #1 on the charts in South Africa.  Commitments with the BBC prevent Donn from touring South Africa by invitation to capitalize on his popularity there.

Donn performs for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor aboard the S.S. United States during a return trip to the U.S.  His tour headlines many performances including Rac's Hut in Jackson Mills, NJ, and The Last Frontier in Seattle, WS.  By invitation from Buck Owens & Dusty Rhodes, Donn also performs for radio KAYE in Puyallup, Washington.


Donn attends the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee where he collaborates with Eddy Arnold and George Morgan on material produced through the WSM radio studio. In the station, he also meets acquaintances with Bob Everly of the Everly Brothers.

Donn receives an invite to Germany to perform in the Bavarian Grand Ole Opry and tour with the Circus Sarrasani.  He later records on Metronome Records GMBH (Germany) releasing the singles Blue Yodel / T.B. Blues & Texas Yodel / Swing Low Sweet Chariot. He embarks on a nationwide tour in support of the new releases.

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